About Us

We feel we are at our best when we know our customers and our customers get to know us. So while we are waiting to get to know you, we’d like to share a little bit about ourselves.

The Soltysiak Agency
was founded in 2007 by Christian and Lee Soltysiak. Yes, we are married, and yes, we actually do work together all day long. Christian says she always wanted to start her own business, Lee says she was just looking for a way to be the boss 24/7.Our office is in Elkins Park, which is just a few minutes away from our home in Jenkintown.

Christian is a transplant from New England, and Lee moved to the area all the way from Northeast Philadelphia. Short of opening our dream insurance agency in Aruba, we are going to be sticking around here for a long long time.

Besides helping our friends and neighbors take care of their insurance needs, we do actually enjoy doing a few other things. We both believe strongly in the old adage of doing well by doing good. We make time for regular community service efforts in the region, while devoting a percentage of our commissions to local organizations we believe in.

We also do our best to make our business and personal lives as environmentally sustainable as possible. You wouldn’t know it by the amount of paper an insurance policy generates, but we do try and make up for it in other ways. One way we look to help our customers get started is by giving every new homeowners customer an energy efficient light bulb. We hope that if they don’t think of us every time they turn the lights on, perhaps they will at least think about all the money they are saving!

In addition to all of those warm and fuzzy things, Christian loves to cook, and Lee loves to golf, oh, and eat what Christian cooks, of course! We are both big Phillies Phans too, so if you see us at the Park, and your seats are better than ours, your rates just went up.

Over on the side, you’ll find links to a few of the organizations we support and care about. It’s a work in progress, and we are always open to new adventures. If there are other worthy causes you think we might like, just drop us a line.

Organizations We Support:
Montgomery County Foundation
Creekside Co-Op
Philadelphia University
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